St. Peter’s Lambs Summer Day Camp




St. Peter’s Lambs is a half-day camp especially for preschoolers through risingkindergartners (siblings who are a little bit older are also welcome – we will invent fun and appropriate activities for them, too). A summer program of St. Peter’s Preschool, Lambs Camp is developmentally appropriate and size-limited, so that young children can feel comfortable and cared about as they play and create in a unique country setting just minutes off the Main Line between Malvern and Phoenixville. Offered in six sessions, with three-, four-, or five-day options available, St. Peter’s Lambs provides pure fun, including lots of outdoor play with indoor air-conditioned play when needed, arts and crafts, water play, stories, and music.

Painting at camp

Painting at camp

Because at St. Peter’s we never forget that a child is a part of a family, we offer unique scheduling flexibility. Families who sign up for three or four days of a session need not even tell us which three or four days they intend to come – just show up! We are ready for every child, every day, but if your child is super-tired from a long night of chasing lightning bugs, no need to roust her out of bed to come to camp, even if you expected to be there. Or, if your child is begging to come to camp on Thursday when you’d intended to stick to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, no problem – come on Thursday instead, or just add an extra day. Once your child is registered for a session, even if you’re only signing up for three days, all five days of that week “belong” to you: there will always be space for your child in that session!


Some of St. Peter’s Lambs camp leaders are on our regular teaching staff; others are college students and recent graduates who have demonstrated their love of working with young children and their creativity in planning fun activities. All have appropriate background checks and clearances and come with impeccable references from the community and any prior employers. Camp leaders have specific planning responsibilities
and age group assignments, but all our leaders work closely together to ensure that every child is happy and safe at all times.

Camp leaders

Camp leaders

Sometimes, high school students with a strong interest in child development and early childhood education, and who are recommended by our camp leaders, preschool parents, or other members of the St. Peter’s community, may join our regular camp leaders as interns, both for their benefit and to allow us to evaluate their fitness for future employment. These young people are under constant supervision by regular staff, and if they are invited to try their hand at planning a day’s activities, their plans are reviewed and approved by our camp leaders before they’re implemented.

I can’t believe that camp is at an end for my children! They both had a blast! The staff was amazing and so patient with my son. Given how difficult new transitions are for him, I was apprehensive at first about the camp experience. You made a nervous son (and nervous parent) feel right at ease. I appreciated your updates and found that your staff really understood how to make him feel comfortable and safe, which in turn allowed him to enjoy the morning. My daughter loved all of the teacher attention and couldn’t believe all of the fun crafts she was able to do. Camp has been a highlight of their summer!

                                      – Darcie Neibert, Lambs parent


Lambs are children who are siblings of older campers, have friends who will be at camp with them, or are enrolled at St. Peter’s Preschool. These requirements are intended to ensure that our littlest campers can feel comfortable quickly. Little Lambs need not be toilet trained.

No more than 12 Lambs and 8 Little Lambs may register for any session – no more than 20 children in total. Lambs adult:child ratio is 1:6; Little Lambs adult:child ratio is 1:4. At least 2 adults are with children at all times, with more adults as needed to meet these ratios.


  • Session 1 (June 10-14) – Beach Blanket Bingo
  • Session 2 (June 17-21) – Down on the Farm
  • Session 3 (June 24 – 28) – Red, White, and Blue
  • Session 4 (July 8-12) – In the Jungle
  • Session 5 (July 15-19) – The Final Frontier
  • Session 6 (July 22-26) – Bugs & Butterflies
Camp craft

Camp craft